Based on major sporting events’ standards, MYKONOS RUNNING FESTIVAL will be a multi-day experience. The participation to the competition schedule will provide high quality tourism opportunities for both the participants and the local community. In conjunction with the main running events, Mykonos Running Festival will be supported by various happenings of environmental, cultural and social responsibility importance.

Mykonos Running Festival will also provide significant opportunities for commercial development as well as important promotional actions for its partners and sponsors.


MYKONOS RUNNING FESTIVAL to be known worldwide as a sport event according to the name it bears and the “glamor” of the island, acquiring specific “identity” that is highlighted by the uniqueness of the place it is held, in tandem with the vision and the goals of its organizing committee.

● To be recorded in the public’s consciousness as a sport, social, tourist and business event, entirely operational for the sport – social promotion of the island and the country, coupled with the business and tourism development of the region.

● A competition schedule for all ages and fitness levels. Professional and non-professional athletes, amateur, methodical or travelling runners of different ages as well as runners with disabilities, will be able to participate and enjoy a unique athletic and social celebration.

● An event with a first-rate level of business, social, entertainment and cultural program of parallel actions.

● To deliver excellent services to the runners and a great, safe and “complete” experience to all the participants. Visitors and runners’ perceptions and feelings should be flawless with ideal sport and travel packages offered.